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Slab Leak Repair and detection plumbing service specialist. Dependable Plumbing Company has been repairing slab leaks in the south D.F.W Metroplex area since 1985. Our plumbers specialize in slab leak repair and detection plumbing service. We offer dependable plumbing repair through years of experience and application, so you can count on us for quality workmanship. Slab Leaks are sometimes hard to catch and can be very costly if gone unnoticed. When you find water on the fixture itself, or around the base of a plumbing fixture this water can be seeping under your slab and causing problems. The water lines under the slab also can leak causing a need for slab leak repair.slab leak testing

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The sooner your water leak is detected, the better chance you have of saving your foundation from costly repairs, a flooded house, a warped floor or cabinet damage.

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