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Bathtub and shower faucet repairs are common to everyone. If you have a tile shower and see water on the floor near the shower give us a call and we can test the shower pan to see if it is leaking. If you have tub or shower valves leaking we have homeowner do it yourself tips on this website or we would be glad to make those repairs for you. If you would like to see the Home Owner installation Tips please do a search for D.I.Y at the bottom of the home page.bathtub and shower repair

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We specialize is all bathtub and shower faucet repairs, Specialty Faucets, Moen, Delta and many other brands. Call 817-447-2654 if you need bathtub and shower repairs. We are plumbing experts when it comes to your bathtub or shower repairs. If your bathtub or shower faucet repairs involve corroded pipes and they are in need of replacement, the best choice is for us to replace the old lines before they begin to leak. For bathtub and shower faucet repairs, garbage disposal repair, or any other plumbing need we are glad to help you.

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We are glad to help you with any plumbing project you may be undertaking or any plumbing repair needs. You can contact us with the Live Chat button, or just give us a call at 817-447-2654. If you have questions we are glad to help. Our expert plumbers are experienced in all types of repairs. Let us help you with your bathtub and shower repairs today!

If you have questions or need additional help, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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