• Toilet Rebuild and Repair
    Do you have problems with your Toilet? Give us a call and we can rebuild or replace the toilet. Sometimes a toilet is running with water seeping under the flapper and we have to clean the base the flapper sits on to get a new flapper to seal. You can...
  • Under Sink Repairs
    Do you have leaks under your sinks? Our plumbers do under sink repairs on Faucets and Drains. We can find and fix any Under Sink Drain Leaks or drain clogs. Sometimes these leaks are from water seeping underneath the countertop from a leaking faucet. Also, the drains can begin to...
  • Slab Leak Repair Services
    We have Slab Leak Repair Services when you know you have a Slab Leak, check with us for a free estimate. We repair a slab leak by jackhammering out the slab so that your foundation remains stable instead of tunneling under the slab. For more information check out our post...
  • Bathtub Replace
    Do you have a need for a Bathtub Replace or Fixture Replace remodeling project? We can help! We replace bathtubs and fixtures. Bathtub Faucets We specialize is all bathtub and shower faucet replace and repairs, Specialty Faucets, Moen, Delta and many other brands. For more information check out our post...


Why Choose Dependable Plumbing Company as Your Plumber

Dependable Plumbing Company;  We are a Plumber Specialist for Burleson, Crowley, Joshua and Everman Texas Dependable Plumbing Familyand surrounding areas. We know that leak repair problems are common to every home. If you need do it yourself tips we have many articles throughout this website that will help you with your plumbing repairs. Just do a site search for D.I.Y below and find tips on how to make your commodes flush better or how to do a homeowner slab leak test and more.

When you have a Slab Leak, Clogged Drains, Water Heater Repairs, Faucet Repairs, Leaks or other related plumbing repairs, our plumber's specialize in these services. If you need assistance please don't hesitate to give us a call 817-447-2654.

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We write helpful articles on our blog for "do it yourself" tips for:

Some posts are about repair services we offer for:

and many other related posts to plumber repairs.

In our FAQ page you can find answers to questions like: "How do I know if I have a Slab Leak" and "We Hear pipe Noises when we flush the toilet". For questions not on our FAQ page please give us a call, we are happy to help out.


If you think you may have a Slab Leak please check out our Home Owner check list on our Slab Leak Detection page. You will find suggestions on how to find out if you may have a Hot Water Slab Leak and more information about high water bills. Also, a quick way to determine if you have a slab leak is to check your water meter and see if it is turning with the commode stops turned off.

Have you ever wondered if there was a way you could unstop a drain yourself? If you have a Wet/Dry Vacuum it is possible to unstop minor stoppages in sinks. We also mention this on our FAQ page: When using a wet/dry vacuum you will need to create a good suction by wrapping a wet towel around the end of the vacuum hose where you place it onto the stopped-up drain. Sometimes it is necessary to also stop up the overflow hole. A wet-dry vacuum is good for unstopping light clogs like hair and small debris.

Areas We Work

We are Plumbers located in Burleson Texas. We work in Alvarado TX, Burleson TX, Crowley TX, Everman TX, Godley TX, Joshua TX, Kennedale TX, Rendon TX, Mansfield TX, Keene TX, Forest Hill TX, Venus TX, and surrounding areas. If you are within a 15 to 20-mile radius located on the Radius Map area below give us a call and we will be glad to try to help you with your plumbing needs.

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Map of our 15 Mile Radius and Jobs We Completed


Slab Leak Repair

We specialize in fixing slab leaks. As you can see with the blue pins above, we have fixed slab leaks all over the Fort Worth area Metroplex, from North Fort Worth Tx. to Granbury Tx and Weatherford Tx. to Arlington Tx. If you think you have a Slab Leak we will locate it for you and suggest the best way for the leak to be repaired. Please don't hesitate to give us a call, even if it is just for advice on what another plumber may have told you needed to be done and you want a second opinion. Also, please check out our Slab Leak Detection page or our Hot Water Slab Leak post for more information. Slab leaks can be caused by electrolysis, dents in the pipes when they were installed and lightning. The electrolysis can be caused by your electrical system being grounded to the copper pipe. For more information on electrolysis and how to help fix this problem, give us a call, we are glad to help.

Our Plumbers in Burleson take great pride in our professionalism and reliability. We can assure you that you can always depend on us to contact you at the appointed time. We will always try to provide prompt and professional service. Our Plumbers at Dependable Plumbing Company have been providing satisfactory plumbing repairs to our customer base locally since 1985. Our customers depend on us to repair the problem at hand.
Check out our Reviews above. It is our goal to treat each customer with respect and understanding work in a timely manner. We want to be friend before and after each job and hope you do too and we hope you will come back to us if the need arises again.
For more information about us check out our about page. Also, we have a Frequently Asked Questions page that may help you. Or just give us a call at 817-447-2654.

We realize that many of our clients originate from referrals from family members, buddies and coworkers. Many of our clients have been on our list of customers for many years. They continue to keep using our services for efficiency and affordability. We really appreciate our customers and try our best to get the job done right. Check out our feedback on the Testimonials Page. At the bottom of the Testimonials page is a link to google maps page if you would like to leave us feedback there or on Facebook or Yelp, we really appreciate you leaving us good feedback. Leaving Feedback goes a long way. It not only helps the customers to see what kind of work we do, but also helps the guys working here know they are appreciated.


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