Under Sink Repairs

Do you have leaks under your sinks? Our plumbers can find and fix your leaks under sinks. Sometimes these leaks are from water seeping under the cabinet from a leaking faucet. Also, the drains can begin to leak from old washers or something that presses up against the drains causing a leak.

Repair Under Sink Drain Leaks

If the drains are leaking on older homes sometimes the connection in the wall can deteriorate and we have to replace piping in the wall. Most of the time we can just replace the p-traps and other connections under the sink to fix the leaks. For more information see our post on kitchen-sink-repairs-or-replace.

Repair Under Sink Stops and Supplies

If you have a hard to turn off stop or see a leak on the stop or supply line, we can help. We can replace both the stop and the supply line and take care of the leak. If your fixtures are old and need replacing we can also replace them while we are there fixing the leak. Whatever your needs may be we are there to help.phone number

If you have questions or need additional help, please don't hesitate to give us a call.
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