How to Make Older Commodes Flush Better

How to Make Older Commodes Flush Better By Maintenance

There are small holes in the rim of the toilet bowl which allow water to enter the toilet when it is flushed. These holes are angled and cause a circular motion flow of the water. The circular flow of the water is what helps the toilet to flush completely. When these holes are clogged you might think you have clogged drain because they won’t allow water to flow from them causing the toilet to not flush well. You can try to make your commodes flush better by cleaning out these holes. The best tool for cleaning out these holes is a small screw. Mineral deposits from the water build up in these holes slowing down the flow of water. Sometime they are partially stopped up and water will not flow in a circular motion or worse stopped up completely keeping the water from flowing out. As you rod out these holes under the rim where the seat sits, flush the toilet a couple of times to help wash out the minerals you break loose. You can call us and we can clean these holes out for you; 817-447-2654.

If you try the above steps a few times without success, it may be time to contact us to help you or replace the toilet.

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